Hello, this is Kevin.

The sparknotes:

  • i develop software
  • i sing in orpheus
  • i love philly
  • i travel to baseball parks

I'm a Philadelphia-based twenty-something who likes to do many different things. I'll be posting fairly regular, long-form posts about whatever interests me at a given time.

I don't really have any goals for this other than to gather my thoughts for my current self's sanity and my future self's nostalgia. But also, since today's social media landscape leaves me wanting for discussion deeper than memes, I'm also hoping to strike up some good and insightful conversations. Whether you agree with me, you don't, you loved a post, or you're bored, let's chat about it.


I moved to Philly from Bethlehem, PA in 2010 to attend Temple University, studying Computer Science.

At Temple, I co-founded OwlCappella, with whom I sang bass, beatboxed,  arranged many songs, performed at awesome venues such as Radio City Music Hall, and recorded two albums.

Since high school I've been interested in music production, and I've occasionally recorded and produced music for friends. I've also been DJing parties & weddings and creating EDM songs/remixes on and off since 2013.

I've worked as a software developer and product owner at Cigna for almost 4 years. I also co-founded and wrote the iOS app Enye, launched in 2017.

Baseball is my favorite sport, and I've been to 26 of the 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. 

As a singing member of the Orpheus Club of Philadelphia, I've performed annually at Verizon Hall, the Academy of Music, and at the Union League. I've also traveled to sing in Havana, Cuba, and in July 2018 will sing at Saint Peter's Basilica.

My latest venture, Leavit, aims to solve current impossibility of getting home deliveries in an urban neighborhood.