Hello, this is Kevin.

The sparknotes:

  • i make podcasts

  • i make music

  • i love philly

  • i love baseball

I'm the founder of Cue9 Creative, a Philly-based podcasting company. My podcast, Philly Who?, tells the stories of the doers, thinkers, and performers of Philadelphia.


I moved to Philly from Bethlehem, PA in 2010 to attend Temple University, studying Computer Science.

At Temple, I co-founded OwlCappella, with whom I sang bass, beatboxed, arranged many songs, performed at awesome venues such as Radio City Music Hall, and recorded two albums.

Since high school I've been interested in music production, and I've occasionally recorded and produced music for friends. I've also been DJing parties & weddings and creating EDM songs/remixes on and off since 2013.

Baseball is my favorite sport, and I've been to 26 of the 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.