Philly Sports Fans Are Not Who You Think They Are

Yesterday I caught up with my friend Joe for the first time in a year. He and I always are sharing different fitness and productivity lifehacks. This time, he told me about his most recent tweak: eating breakfast.

I had no idea, but it turns out I was hangry every day! I’m so much happier now.

This sounded familiar...

That's right, Eagles Center Jason Kelce told it best: an underdog is a hungry dog.

Who has been the hungrydog for 30+ years? Philly teams - and Philly fans.

Philly fans are known to be hostile. They don't welcome the fans of opposing teams - they're the enemy. Wear an opposing jersey, and you will be booed. But, honestly, it's never much more than that. They don't put other fans in comas.

Yet, all this time, "the media™" has constantly reminded the world of how awful Philly fans are.

They bring up booing Santa, 50 years ago. They bring up the batteries, 20 years ago. They bring up Veteran's Stadium's built-in "Eagles Court." It's like when you forget to take out the trash just one time, and then every week you get an earful because "you always forget."

Thanks to this, Philly fans have an overblown reputation as the trash you forgot to take out.

But here's the thing: we only know what Philly fans are like when their teams don't win championships for decades. Every sporting season, the sports fan just wants to see their team win the championship. When they do, they're satisfied. They're patient. They're no longer that hungry.

Yes, the Phillies won the World Series in 2008. But, Philly is an Eagles town, and the Eagles had never won it all.

Don't you think you'd be a little hangry too if you had NEVER EATEN?

On February 4th, 2018, Philly fans finally got their meal.

And oh, was it a good one. It was a big, juicy, medium-rare filet with all the fixin's. They had cruised through the NFC playoffs with their backup quarterback, and then they brought down the big bad Patriots in a game "they had no business winning."

The streets of Philadelphia immediately flooded.

It was pandemonium. It was chaos. It was fun.

More importantly: it was safe

I, my friends, and my 5'2" 19-year-old sister joined the mob in front of City Hall. Thousands of people were all packed in to a tiny radius of maybe 4 square blocks.

And it was nothing but happiness, jubilation, and celebration. Yeah, a few dinguses were a little too tipsy and went and hurt themselves. But they're fine.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country watched on the news and immediately passed judgement on the rioters.

"Oh, look at those scoundrels. They can't even handle a win without violence."

Wrong. There was no violence. It was nothing but Brotherly Love.

So, to all of you who weren't here to feel the camaraderie, euphoria, and humanity during the Super Bowl celebration, save your judgement.

Know that your past impression of Philly fans is wrong: 

so now will philly fans be less hangry?

Well, no. But, you can't say they're not patient.