Time to do the blogging thing

Hi there!

Here's officially kicking off my personal blog. I'll be posting fairly regular, long-form posts about whatever interests me at a given time. Definite common themes will be:

  • entrepreneurship
  • new tech
  • productivity
  • music production
  • travel
  • home DIY
  • Game of Thrones
  • Philadelphia
  • experimental fitness
  • puppy shenanigans
  • philosophical musings
  • my favorite books
  • awesome people I meet

I don't really have any goals for this other than to gather my thoughts and experiences for my current self's sanity and my future self's nostalgia. But, since today's social media landscape leaves me wanting for connection and discussion deeper than memes and clickbait, I'm also hoping to strike up some good and insightful conversations. Whether you agree with me, you don't, or you loved a post, or you're bored, let's chat about it.

Happy 2018, let's kick ass.